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A little warmth and appeasement

This  Spices and Pine scented candle -  French made -   is  100% natural , composed of  vegetable wax  and a cotton wick . As the cold weather arrives, why not seek to warm hearts and minds around the flame of this candle whose fragrances such as cinnamon, orange or even pine will awaken pleasant memories of the holidays, associated with a certain comfort specific to these delicious spices which will awaken your nose and your taste buds.


Head Note

Essential oils of juicy orange-Brazil, Lime-Mexico, Galbanum-Iran, Nutmeg-Indonesia, Bergamot, Cardamom

Heart note

Essential Oils of Cinnamon-Ceylon, Ginger-China, Cedar-Atlas and Virginia Wood, Clove, Coconut

Base note

Pine Thorns, Essential Oils of Patchouli-Indonesia, Vanilla, Balsamic, Barley Sugar


Use +/- 30 hours of combustion

Height 8.5 cm Diameter 6 cm

Bougie parfumée Epices et pin

SKU: DCB141103
  • If you want gift wrapping (recycled kraft), please do not hesitate to request it on the comments when paying for your order.

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